Exmoor Water Services

Exmoor Water Services Ltd is a water treatment business located in North Devon covering a wide area.  We offer the instillation and servicing of your clean water filtration system, whether the source of water come from a borehole, a well, or a spring.

The quality of the water from a borehole, spring or well is normally pretty good and can look clear but impurities need to be eliminated because it can contain high concentrations of iron, manganese, calcium, nitrates, and pesticides.  

Devon is also known to have a high level of acid water which can cause copper pipes to deteriorate which can lead to burst pipes and leaks in houses.

This is where we can offer our expertise on Water Filtration, Water Softeners, UV systems and pH elevation.

We aim to set the standard of clean water high through the use of our range of filtration systems.

Our customer service is key and is in our best interests to get your water supply to the best standard we can therefore improving the quality of water in your home and keeping your system healthy.

Water Filtration Before and After

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Filtration Cylinders

Do you have your own private water supply and therefore need you water system serviced?

In order to improve the quality of the water in your home, Exmoor Water Services is on hand for any servicing or breakdown.

Don’t have a private water supply and require one?

Exmoor Water Services also covers the installation of water filtration systems which are designed to significantly improve the quality of your water.

Areas Covered

‘Exmoor Water Services’ doesn’t only cover Exmoor but we also cover the majority of Devon as well as parts of Cornwall and Somerset.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone for any questions or queires or to book a site visit.